Monday, June 25, 2012

whine & golf

I could launch into a rant about how piss-poor things are going with my survey. I’m not going to do that. It’s become very obvious that bribery will be necessary…in the form of gift cards. It was stupidly naïve to think more than a few people would be willing to do anything for a stranger without some kind of compensation. I will be going to the dreaded dinner meeting later this week, which I imagine will be mostly managerial/professional types. Maybe they can shed light on what I need to do to attract people….which reminds me I should take a nondisclosure agreement (or two) with me in case anyone gets drunk enough to sign. The meeting is at a restaurant with a winery.  Afterwards, we get a tour of the production facilities which should be nice. People will be drinking wine. Not me (or perhaps just a few sips to be polite). Wine is a sure-fire migraine trigger for me. Not only that, the winery is a couple hours drive from home - I don’t want to get stopped and be smelling like I’ve been drinking. Yeah, keep telling myself that...

Drinking habit?

I played 36 holes of golf over the weekend. Golf can really be a fun game when I’m playing well (in comparison to when I’m not playing well). Someone and I went out yesterday evening with Someone’s Dad. Someone and his Dad are very much alike even though Someone insists he’s nothing like his dad or brother. They could all be clones of each other  (it would piss him off to read that). Anyway, I had a good round Saturday and a great round Sunday – it was fun fun fun to hit some good shots.

I started playing golf when I went to work for the pipeline group (about 26 years ago). They planned just about every group meeting around a golf outing with a best-ball tournament so that even non-golfers had no excuse not to play. I’m fairly athletic for a woman and like being outside, so the game is perfect for me. After playing the second time, I bought some used clubs and started going to the driving range to work on my swing. Once upon a time (around the time I met Someone), I was pretty much a golf addict. When Sarah visited her Dad, I was on the golf course – rain or shine, even when it was cold and windy, if the course was open I was out there playing every chance I got.

When I met Someone, he wasn’t a golfer. I told him we could go out on dates occasionally, but if he didn’t play golf he wouldn’t see me very often. I meant it sincerely. He had no clubs but he said he’d played a few times with friends. He promptly took up golf and we played a lot together until I got pregnant with twins and swinging a golf club became too awkward. Then I quit playing, only getting out maybe once or twice a year and going to the driving range maybe a few times a year. As soon as the twins got old enough that they didn’t want me around so much, I started back to school (leaving no time for anything fun). Someone always played regularly though over these years, and he’s improved a lot (but still has an ugly swing that is surprisingly effective some of the time).

temporary golf terminators

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