Saturday, June 30, 2012

quid pro quo

Well, I’m happy to report I went to the meeting mentioned in the prior posts and survived it (enjoyed it, even).  The people were nice; no woman-haters made themselves known.  I listened to an informative talk on lean sustainability in the nanotechnology industry.  Dinner was excellent.  I got to see the wine production facilities (in the basement under the restaurant), and that was interesting.  The place is in paradise (Moyers in Manchester, Ohio).  Out in the country, on the banks of the Ohio River, surrounded by hills.  What a beautiful place for a party or wedding!   

I enticed four people to sign informed consent agreements.  Attendance was disappointingly low at this meeting, but I hate crowds so it was probably better that way.  On the drive home, there were lots of deer crossing the road.  Getting themselves a drink from the river, probably, and risking their lives.  It’s been terribly hot – 100 degrees today.  And then we had a wretched wind/lightning storm this evening.  It cooled things off but we’ll have lots of work cleaning up tree limbs tomorrow.

Today was another squirrely last-day at work.  A bunch of wasteful mandatory meetings and then trying to get some people off my back.  A shrew is after me to get some testing done so she can cross something off her list.  She dropped a bomb on me and expected me to jump through hoops for her.   I told her I can’t do this thing until she gets a test environment built for me.  Quid pro quo.  I’ve been trying to get that test environment built for almost two years.  Now it bites them. 


Tony White said...

That is hot indeed!

If you want me to remove the photograph I will KYLady


KYLady said...

Tony - it is OK. Thanks.