Monday, June 4, 2012

future tense

It’s been a pretty busy week, which doesn’t leave much time for blogging.  I took a day of vacation last week to accompany my girls on a tour of the University of Louisville, among other things we did together in Louisville.  As rising juniors, it’s time the girls start giving serious consideration to which college they want to attend.  Erin liked what she saw at U of L; it was her idea to see it and she thinks she wants to go there.  U of L is a little more than 3 hours from home via Interstate, not bad but I don’t like the thought of those trips she will make back and forth from home in all that traffic....of course, I’m assuming she will want to come home from time to time.  She might like it so much she never wants to come home.  I suppose that would be a wonderful thing to happen, but it makes me a bit sad to think it.  I want all my kids to be happy, and I will go see them if I miss them before they come and see me. 

Next up, University of Kentucky in Lexington.  Emily wants to see it.  We have driven through parts of the sprawling campus many times together, but she wants to get a real tour like we got last week at U of L.  Fair enough.  I’ll have to figure out a date that works and call to schedule it. 

Dang it!  It’s nearly Monday.  I do hate Mondays and tomorrow is extra bad – my boss is coming in.  I work in a remote office about 5 hours away from corporate headquarters.  I’m on a team that has members in Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan.  Boss is taking us out to lunch with a peer manager and his Kentucky members, and my boss’s boss who is also from headquarters.  My boss’s boss; I don’t know him well but he is definitely old-school.  I hate lunch.

What’s worse, it’s mid-year review time.  My boss is new; he’s worked pipeline and terminals, but not refining until just last November.  Anyway, he’s still operating from the upslope of the learning curve.  He hasn’t set section mid-year goals so my annual goals are still floating free and whipping around where-ever the wind carries them.  I kind of like that because it makes it easier to juggle priorities.  It’ hard to take long term goals seriously when environments are changing so quickly; proposals become obsolete before they are approved.  Working there is like trying to run underwater. 

Ugh...I better get off this computer, and get some sleep...or I’ll be a total zombie (which I usually am on Monday).

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