Sunday, September 23, 2012

can we skip Monday?

Sunday is almost over.  If I go to bed, when I wake up it’ll be Monday.  I hate Mondays.  I'm not going to bed.   

Instead, I’m drinking bourbon and pretending it’s only Sunday night.  But not without purpose – I’ve got laundry going and I even cleared out the ice-maker.  Now we can get ice cubes from the dispenser on the fridge door without having to scoop it out of the bin with unclean hands (which is typically what happens).  We really are nasty, piggy people here in this house.

Someone and I went to Greenbo Lake this afternoon.  I tried to get the girls to go with us, but they were engrossed in a horror movie on TV and wanted to be couch sloths all day.  We took Gracie instead, and she thoroughly enjoyed the outing.  We walked a trail and hiked up through the hills around the lake.  Seeing the beautiful lake made me want (more than ever) to buy a kayak.  I drive a minivan (aka mom-van) with a rack on the roof.  It’s perfect to strap a kayak on!  I should just go buy one.  Someone is afraid of drowning and says it would not be a wise investment.   They don’t cost that much...I can afford it, and I’m not afraid to drown. 
beautiful Greenbo Lake
the water told me to buy a kayak
Saturday was the homecoming dance at my girls’ high school.  Emily found a date, even though it was just days before the dance.  Nevertheless, a boy asked her to go and that's an important milestone for any teenage girl.  She said the dance was lame because not many kids went.  Still, she was asked and got to go. 

Erin was extremely disappointed that nobody asked her.  She insists boys don’t like her because she’s fat, ugly, and weird.  I assure her that the reason boys don’t ask her is because they are intimidated by her.  I tell her she needs to learn the art of flirting and use it.  Emily says she needs to do like she and her girlfriends do – act dumb, helpless, and if that fails, act slutty.  I don't like that advice at all!      

wysiwyg - no games, and no date :(

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