Friday, September 21, 2012

got flies?

What a week!  Friday night is here and all the shit I wanted to happen didn’t happen this week.  I resubmitted my change request Wednesday with the liaison’s promise that it would once again be expedited.  Nobody has provided a definition of what that means exactly, but two full business days have come and gone and no news.  I don’t want to think about it anymore, it always puts me in a bad mood.   

Last night, I attended another meeting of the professional organization whose members are supposed to be participating in my study.  I did manage to talk to two people who promised they would take my survey.   A bunch more people were at this meeting than were at the last one, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the place (i.e. got lost, spending 45 minutes driving all over town) so I walked into the meeting too late to mingle before the presentation.  One of the speakers went way overtime, then after the tour, it was late at night.  People left in a hurry.    

The presentation was awesome – it was about the forensic science program at Marshall University, West Virginia.  Not only do they have the only accredited master degree program in forensic science in the country, they have certified analysts working on real law enforcement cases there on site.  We toured some of the student labs where they learn chemical and DNA forensics, but we got to walk into the real working digital forensic lab.  It was just like The Bat Cave.  They recover data off cell phones, computers, xBox’s, and any other digital device associated with crimes, and they monitor Internet activity.  Very cool.   
Anyway, as much as I want to be a social butterfly and wow people with all my charismatic charm, I just can’t be one of those types.  I should be introducing myself to everyone there, pretending to be exceedingly brilliant, and playing the part of a pushy salesman so that people will take my survey.  But no, I’d be more comfortable just throwing myself at their feet and begging them to please take my survey.  But no, I can’t even do that because it’s unprofessional to act desperate.  It’s hard being me.    

what I should be versus...
what i am

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