Thursday, September 13, 2012

woman's best friend

It was a beautifully clear night here last night, a million stars out, and just a bit cool but no need for a jacket yet. I pushed away from my desk after an evening of stewing about my just-not-happening data collection and the still-ignoring-me board who is causing me great delay and frustration. A walk was just what I needed to clear the cobwebs from my head. Gracie, of course, became ecstatic when I announced we were going for a walk. I ran upstairs for shoes and socks and she about knocked me over to get ahead of me on the stairs (it’s true, we Kentuckians rarely wear shoes unless we just have to). She whined, barked, jumped on and off the bed repeatedly, and chewed at my hands as I tried to put on shoes.

I didn’t buy a head halter, but I’m using a training lead which works like a choke chain. I’m using that and also putting her regular collar and leash on when we go for walks. When she gets too rambunctious, I hold a leash in each hand (like reins) and give her more choke. Last night, I only choked her at the very beginning and then once when she wanted to chase a motorcycle. The rest of the time, she was very civilized and we had a nice 40-minute walk. She is learning and perhaps we will soon be able to walk with just a normal good-dog leash.


No matter how rotten my day has been, it’s wonderful to come home to a dog. She runs out to greet me (no matter the weather) and seems truly happy to see me come home. Nobody else gets even 1% as excited as Gracie when I pull into the driveway. The kids and husband seldom even look away from their cell phones or TV screens when I walk in, unless they’ve been waiting on me to come home to do something for them or with them. Sometimes a cat will greet me with a meow of aloof acknowledgement, but usually the motive is that he or she just wants to be fed.

My office plants are splendid. Plants don’t grow like this for me at home. It must be the large windows and morning sun they love so much. The only thing I like about working where I work is the great view of the woods out my windows, the walking trail around the small lake behind the building, and my plants. OK…some of the people are OK too. I’m not totally antisocial.

cubicle plants today

ever-blooming African Violet

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