Monday, September 10, 2012

crazy cat lady

Monday hell is over.  Well, not really.  Now that Erin is able to drive and has use of a car, she and Emily find things to do after school.  Today, they met friends at the city park after school.  Keep in mind, our “city” is all of about 10,000 people, so our park is pretty small.  There's not much there at that park, and not someplace they would go unless they were just looking for someplace to go.  At the park, they found a box with two abandoned adorable little yellow and white kittens, and brought them home.  I am  insisting we can’t keep them. 

Someone was furious with me for having these kittens at the if I had given permission.  The kittens had been brought here and fed before responsible parties (perhaps I should call them the irresponsible parties) even called and told me what they had done.  Actually, they didn’t even call.  They texted.  The point is, they knew I would say they couldn’t keep them.  Maybe they thought it would be too much trouble for me to text back NO NO NO NO!!!!  (which I did)....more than once.    

Someone offered to take them to the pound tonight.  I told him to give me until the end of the week to see if we can find homes for them.  They’ll have 14 days to live at the pound before they are euthanized.  I hate to be responsible for that.  Gracie only had a few days left when we brought her home – dogs get more time than cats.  Honestly, I would just keep them because I love kittens and they are already here...but Someone would have a cow.  Someone would have two cows – one for each poor little, sweet ball of fluff.
kitten 1
kitten 2
If my life were really mine, I’d move to the back of a hollow, live by myself, and have a dozen dogs and cats.  I’d become a college instructor teaching online courses, and never have to leave my little hollow except for when I wanted to go somewhere.  No noises, no neighbors, no nothing I don’t want to put up with.  I’ll just become a crazy cat lady, only well, maybe not as crazy as the cat lady who used to live in our town.  The city condemned her house and took all but two of her cats.  A church found her another place to live.  They captured more than 30 cats on her property.  I’d see her walking to the grocery store (to buy lots of catfood, no doubt).  She wore a heavy wool coat even in the summer.  I guess crazy cat ladies don’t pay attention to the seasons.  I don’t expect to ever be that least not so crazy that people would notice.

future crazy cat ladies


Linda and her Twaddle said...

It's hard to give them up once their furry cuteness has been around for a while.

I would have cats but my husband is highly allergic to them.

The idea of living on my own has always been something I like the idea of. I lived on my own for seven years before I got married and there is something rather blissful about being ALONE.

Your girls look lovely in the photo.

KYLady said...

Linda, thank you for your sweet comments. I’m delighted to report that we hosted the babies no more than 24 hours before they were adopted by a friend who saw their photos posted on Facebook. She lives only a few blocks from us, so my girls can go over and visit the kitties whenever they want. She was looking for a cat because they have rats in their neighborhood.