Saturday, July 14, 2007

no camping

God saw fit to rain on our proposed camping trip, no matter, I really didn't have time. We are leaving for the beach Tuesday night, as soon as I get off work if at all possible, and I have nothing ready for this vacation yet. I need to get it in gear and start organizing and getting our SHT together.

My sweet Erin started her blog this evening. She is an extremely capable authoress. I think someday that girl is going to write a best seller. I hope it's a scary story because I really like that kind of book. Stephen King is still my favorite author. John Alexander Thom writes totally differently, and I like his books, but King is king for me.

I think I'm playing golf tomorrow...I hope so anyway. Also, I think we're going to go see the new Harry Potter movie. A busy weekend, but it should be fun!

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