Saturday, July 21, 2007


Today is day 4 of the annual Myrtle Beach vacation, Saturday, the day we move into the beach house. This is also girls' day out since Jerry usually plays golf on this day. Erin and Emily are all too happy to spend the day with me at Broadway at the Beach. Today they have planned to play MagicQuest, have nachos and beer at the Liberty (well, the beer is my idea...they can't drink the stuff), go to the dreaded Build-a-Bear, make a tee-shirt, and get some cotton candy. I just go with the flow as the money flows out of my purse.

I think I have a pound of sand and a gallon of Atlantic ocean in my ear so now that I've got a bit of infection brewing in there, I'll call CVS and see if there wasn't a refill on Erin's prescription and see if they'll fill it here for me. That should knock it out before it becomes a misery.

I have gotten up early and had a good run three days so far. It's way too hot to run late. I was running yesterday and my ipod fell out of it's skin. I lost the little plate that protects the screen and I was sad about that but oh well, SHT happens. I was running this morning and behold!!! I found the little clear plastic plate on the sidewalk. In fact, I almost stepped on it. I usually don't even look down while I'm running but it must have been fate - I glanced down and there it was.

I miss Sarah and I haven't been able to work on my laptop - apparently the wireless card in Sarah's PC is much more capable than the one in my laptop. I did find a bunch of websites that offer free repair of shdoclc.dll, which I think is the problem with my piece of junk. The big question is whether or not my machine will be too locked down to do anything about it. I will have to get to a place with FREE wireless (or not wireless) and log in via VPN which means I'll have to use my most managed account, which means our firewall probably won't let me run anything corrective on my piece of junk. But, if I can save something to the desktop and then log off and back on with my least managed account, then I might be able to run it and maybe it will fix something. I have a feeling the problem exists in two places on my PC. Bad news.

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Nikon Man said...

Hi KY Lady, Hope you are having a good time.