Saturday, July 7, 2007

River Hole

This is view of #7 green at Shawnee - my most favorite hole on my most favorite golf course on this entire planet. To me, this is not the most attractive angle, the shot is taken from the rough on the par 3, #8 hole. I like the view from about 120 yards back from the green in the fairway on #7 - you can really get a good look at how the river makes a bend there.
Could it be any better of a day than today? It is cloudless, the birds are singing, and it's supposed to get really, REALLY hot. Perfect day for golfing, but I doubt I'll be playing any today. I probably will go to the driving range though. I've been working on the draw at the range and I'm getting some of my old distances back. But really, I'd take accuracy over distance any day of the week. I pitched quite a few balls at the 40 and 75 markers last night, and I'm still struggling with that dang 3-iron. I'm almost thinking about switching that bad boy to graphite, the steel just isn't doing anything for me. I have the same yardage with the 3-iron as the 4, and I'm a whole lot more consistent with the 4. I guess I'll just give it some more time (and more work).

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