Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vacation Almost over...

Tomorrow is the last day, and this is the first time I can ever say I am sad to be leaving Myrtle Beach. I have really had a good time this year. No golf, and not even one visit to the driving range for me, but I've been getting a good run in every day and playing quite a bit of tennis. The weather has been great and Jerry and the girls are letting me NOT play mini-golf...which I detest.

Miss Sarah will be pleased that I acquired her a gift of her favorite fish stew from Chesapeake House. They sold me a quart of the stuff and it's in the freezer now. The cook told me it freezes wonderfully and will taste even better when it's thawed than if she'd eaten it fresh in the restaurant. I ran 4.8 miles this morning and tomorrow's goal will be to survive 5 miles. The girls want to play MagicQuest in the morning which means another trip to Broadway on the Beach. I will take my iPod and some crackers to feed the fish and ducks, it should be a pleasant morning. I went to the music store and bought 3 new music books. I can't wait to get my hands back on a piano.

I have been playing Sarah's guitar which she kindly loaned me. I like hers way better than my old Harmony. I would sell the thing but it's gone up in value quite a bit so I'm hanging onto it for a bit longer...which is stupid since I don't like playing the thing.

OK, Sarah, if you're reading this, I took your advice and went out today and bought myself some new clothes. I've been thinking about what you told me about my pants looking like clown pants because they're so big. You were right because you know I always like to buy my clothes a bit big in case they shrink, and the new pants and shorts I bought are two sizes smaller than what I'm currently wearing. I didn't buy any skirts or dresses though, which will probably disappoint you. I just can't be that girly for you, sorry. You'll have to settle for your dykey mommy (maybe that should be dikey...I don't know).

Well, time to go check on my laundry and get out on the deck with my guitar. I have just enough turkey left to get through tomorrow night, I think. I think I'll be gobbling in my sleep tonight.

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