Monday, March 21, 2011

crap and perfection

I promise never to put my work out here again! It’s the worst thing in the world to write something that I think is decent, then read it back the next day. I read that problem statement (in my prior post) and thought, “Dear God, what a convoluted mess that is!!” Needless to say, I have been working all day on my problem statement and just finished it. It is quite different from what I previously stated. Primarily, the problem is no longer that no research has been done (that relates more to the significance section) – it’s that leaders who recognize they need to change their leadership styles have no empirical evidence to base their decision on – i.e. which style works best to get workers to report incidents? As if my study can help somebody make a decision…unlikely….but who knows? In the real world, managers don’t have time to read a bunch of crap.

I used to video Sarah’s performances (sometimes at her request) and she hated watching herself (usually turned it off). Same with Emily – I bought videos of her dance competitions and she would start to watch herself and then leave the room. Perhaps we are all so critical because we can’t be perfect. Erin is very critical of her artwork….and I love the stuff she draws (and to watch Emily dance and to hear Sarah sing). We’re just a bunch of perfectionists in this family. Why is that?

Gee – enough digression….I have to get back to work. Blogging is a luxury I can’t afford these days. 

Chewy - perfect pet (almost)

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