Wednesday, March 30, 2011

mid-day oasis

Somebody I love is going on a far journey soon. I pray for her safety.

Today was a “hard core” work day. I have been doing too much project admin work and not enough nuts-and-bolts work. A higher-up complained about too many open tickets on one of my apps. I spent the entire day today working the queue. I made at least 45 phone calls, seven or eight netmeetings, IMd, God knows how many e-mails with typical cubicle people-traffic disruptions. Mid afternoon, my cubie-mate across the hall asked if I had time to take a walk. YES – LET’S GO!!! Blessed escape, even if only for 20 minutes.

This is a view of our oasis when standing on the dam. This photo was taken earlier this month. Now we are looking like spring here which is a wonderful thing. As often happens in our part of the county, our forsythia bushes and daffodils got nipped by frost. The Bradford pears and weeping cherries are glorious right now. Perhaps I will make time to take photos this week.

Never ever ever stop thinking about my dissertation. It’s churning in the background even when I’m asleep or working on something else. Hmmmmm….does that mean it’s an obsession?

I made the changes to Chapter 1 suggested by my mentor. It’s not appropriate to call my variables independent\dependent because it will be a correlational study. They are called predictors and criterions. I asked him that question once, but his answer did not make it clear to me, obviously.

The next section to write is an overview of the theoretical framework. I have all the pieces, it’s time to strategize and integrate, like circle the wagons. The theories of the scaffold include (but are not limited to) those on topics of: social exchange, LMX, reciprocation, servant leadership, transformational leadership, Heinrich’s safety triangle, citizenship behavior, OHS, EHS systems, safety climate, safety culture, confidentiality, anonymity, and maybe secrecy if I get REAL ambitious. I'm going into the trenches!

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