Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Intermittent peace

Oh, my. The world has no idea what my weekend and Monday have been like! Whirlwind.

Anyway, hopefully that is now at least 20% behind me by tomorrow morning. It’s back into battle for me tomorrow. Defend! Dispel! Deny!

Tonight ends my second session of mentor-led dissertation work. I gave Dr. E. my draft of Chapter 1 for review over the weekend. He returned it to me today and said, “Right on target.” Three words are all I needed to hear, and he gave them to me. The scaffold is in place…

It’s late, if I’m not working I should be sleeping….but not tonight. Good news at the end of a wretched day – time to celebrate. (I have been :)

Erin drew this picture of me…I love it!!!  It gets bigger if you click on the image.  Notice the Book of Crap just above my pencil. :)

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