Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday #24 to Sarah

Erin, Emily, and I drove to Maysville today to visit Sarah and celebrate her birthday with her.  Cherry pie was her request (she likes pie more than cake), so I got up early today and baked a pie.  The drive is about 1.667 hours across beautiful countryside – from Greenup County, across Lewis County, and into Mason County.  It rained all day long and flooding is bad in the Ohio Valley right now.  The creeks everywhere were overflowing their banks.  I wanted to stop and see the property of interest along Kinniconick, but didn’t take the extra 30 minutes of my time to check it out.  It had to be bad.  The Kinni creek bottom around Vanceburg was very high - it's possible the road to get out there could have been impassible in some places. 

Sarah said she wanted 24 candles.  Candles don't stand up well in pie so I offered to get a little cake to put the candles on.  Sarah said her favorite cake in all the world is the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls...shelf life of those is like two years at least!  I bought a box and we used 5 of them to hold 24 candles.  

Sarah's grandparents came over and Woody Sr. helped me light the candles.  He has a fire bug in him just as his son did (as do I :))))).  ANYWAY, we sang happy birthday and Sarah (probably made a wish) and blew out the candles.  Swiss cakes for the brave, cherry pie, and kool-aid, with Thomas exploring the new coffee table and Jack sleeping on Erin's feet. Jack is a good dog, but has that hound dog wandering spirit.  He has to be tied up securely when he's not in the house.  He won't stay home and he's an escape artist.

We drove around a bit today.  I had not been in downtown Maysville since Woody's funeral.  It's such a quaint little town with most of the historic downtown buildings still well-maintained.  We ate lunch in Sarah's favorite Chinese restaurant this afternoon.  Spending Saturday with my chiildren - life is good.

Tomorrow will be devoted to hard-core work.  The new strategy begins tomorrow...actually started it tonight.  Dr. E ticked me off this morning, but after thinking about his comments, I've come to agree with him.  I may have to resort to my sample selection methods, but I should attempt more legitimate methods first.  I'm not a people person - it's a handicap in this world. 


Sarah Wood said...

Oh Mommy, that was such a special birthday!! I have one sliver of pie left. I wish it would last forever because every time I eat it I think about HOW MUCH I LOVE MY MOMMY!!!!!!

KYLady said...

Mommie Dearest loves you too!! No more wire hangers...

Seriously, we enjoyed spending the day with you. What a lucky woman am I!!!! That pie was super simple to make - I'll make you another someday. The girls are quitting orchestra..this is me pouting :(