Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday is over

The other side of our fair planet - things are in a sorry state. The images are horrifying. Pray for people and our Earth.

We cannot predict and plan for disasters well enough. I saw a video today showing how the skyscrapers in Tokyo swayed, and remained standing!! Score 1 for mankind! This earthquake makes me think my work is important. I could use a motivator right now, but disaster isn’t what I have in mind.

Today, I read much more about the similarities and differences of transformational and servant leadership styles. Pretty much the day was devoted to an excellent piece of work by Stone, Russell, and Patterson (2004). These folks gave me a straight-forward rundown of the differences and congruence between transformational\transactional leadership and transformational\servant leadership. They used a lot of original sources (e.g., Bass, Bass & Avolio, Burns, Greenleaf). I’m not sure these germinal sources are available in the library). I pulled 29 more sources from this article.

Tomorrow, I am writing Chapter 1. My research is complete enough to draft Chapter 1.

My youngest daughters are 15 now. Twins…sometimes I still have trouble believing it. Their first year is still a blur to me. The regimen of caring for twins (no sleep or personal time) prepared me for doctoral work. Gosh – they were so darn cute!!  I think they are not more than three in this picture...maybe two.

The babysitter took this photo.  My girls had the perfect babysitter, what a lucky mother I was to find the perfect person for such an important job. 


Stone, A. G., Russell, R. F., & Patterson, K. A. (2004). Transformational versus servant leadership: A difference in leader focus. Leadership & Organizational Development Journal, 25(4), 349-361. doi: 10.1108/01437730410538671.

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