Saturday, March 5, 2011

stiletto karate

Hmmm…I was practicing karate (by candle light) and pretended to impale a man on my shoe with a side kick while wearing stiletto heels. :)) Wouldn’t that make an interesting movie scene!! Who should play the parts?

My “learning to negotiate” class ended today. What did I take away? Most importantly, a strategy for negotiating. Two very important things on my plate at the moment:

1. Meeting with boss over an impossible goal he’s holding me accountable for

2. Mentor says my strategy for participant selection won’t hunt in these woods

I used that phrase won’t hunt in these woods because we learned in negotiation class that it’s better to use a crunch rather than use the dreaded word NO or other negative words.

Today, that phrase (won’t hunt in these woods) was used and the respondent replied, “well, what woods can I hunt in?” That was amusing. I was in awe – most of the students have experience with negotiating with external suppliers. A few students were IT. Our clients are mostly internal so there’s less bloodshed. Those people who negotiate contracts as part of their jobs – they can think up some interesting schemes!

ANYWAY..I’m back to karate. Done with computer. Don’t fault me – I drove a jeep like 6 hours today through rain and rush hour traffic in Columbus, sat through an 8-hour class, visited my brother on the way home, and well, got un-positive news from my dissertation mentor. What a day! Practicing karate takes a lot of energy…it is good!

By the way, what does one do when her brother is killing himself?  My instinct is to let him have what he wants.


Sarah Wood said...

You might want to use some vinyl heels, I think the blood would be hard to get off the sequins!!

KYLady said...

Hello?? They're red.