Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New year

Today was sort of a different day.  This afternoon, I’ve been really looking hard at Chapter 2.  The draft is complete.  Dr. Chairman has not reviewed any of my pre-drafts – if he did, he has not made a single comment about any of them.  The first section was a disorganized wreck.  I added some accident severity ratio theory since this is important to my study; in fact, it’s really the rationale and foundation of my study.  After that was in, I’ve started adding the subheadings to the chapter.  I like to write and organize this way.  It seems to flow better…but that’s exactly what I’m doing now – making it flow better.  The second section.  Good…easily divided into three subs.  Third section – in progress.  I like what I’ve redone so far.  It’s much better.

I changed the top of my blog to a winter photo.  I hate it.  I don’t want the cold but it’s coming.  So happy new year to the world.  If it could be a happy year for everyone in the world, that would be the best ever. 

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