Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the road

Tonight, I’m alone in a nice motel room in a small town in northwestern Ohio.  There’s a big meeting here tomorrow morning that I have to attend.  It’s not a bad gig, but a bit inconvenient for Someone when I have to go out of town.  He is left to deal with the kids.  Now that they’re older, it’s not too bad.  They can fend for themselves when it comes to food and laundry.  They are also pretty reliable about getting ready for school on time.  Pretty much, Someone only has to keep peace and battle any invading wildlife, such as spiders or moths.  Erin flips out when she sees a spider and Emily freaks at any bugs that fly.  I have no idea why my girls are so phobic about these little critters.    
Do they bite?
I kind of like having a nice motel room all to myself.  I control which bed to sleep in (two queen beds in corporate-rate rooms here), and which side of the bed I want to sleep on.  I own the TV remote.  It’s an awesome power, and best of all, I can set the temperature to 85 if I want to with no cares about the electric bill.  The car rental company brought me an ugly green minivan – a Dodge Caravan, no less.  It wasn’t as uncomfortable as the jeep I rented once, and it has satellite radio which I LOVE.  If I had tons of money, I’d subscribe to satellite radio.  The neatest feature of all about the Caravan is that it has a camera that displays what is behind you when the van is in reverse.  That is a great feature.  I wish my Odyssey had it.

My chairman finally gave me feedback on Chapter 2.  He says he marked the changes and it looks great – yeah, he changed a three-word phrase in the first paragraph and there’s nothing else marked.  Am I really that good?  I know better – the chapter is 45 pages long.  I doubt he read past the first paragraph.  I sent it to the committee member who has been most helpful.  I believe she will read it and bleed all over it…which is a good thing because then I’ll know how to improve it.  My committee lady says she needs 7 days.  Very reasonable.      

So, I guess I’d better review some stuff for the meeting in the morning.  The night is getting away from me and there’re some design specs and workflow I’m supposed to talk intelligently about.           

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