Saturday, January 28, 2012

asleep at the wheel

It was a busy day until I crashed for a wee (3.5 hour) nap this afternoon.  Don’t you hate when that happens!  It's one thing to catnap at the keyboard - a 10-15 minute time-lapse of lost productivity.  What happened today was a total mind-slip nap.  I wandered into the living room and was lured by a blanket piled on the couch.  "Come to me," it said.  I obeyed.  My grandiose plans for completing the Chapter 1 rewrite vaporized with the perpetual passage of time.   

Baby Jack Damien

We are done with the renovations to our house.  Now it’s a matter of trying to maintain a decent level of cleanliness while restoring some semblance of order…while rewriting Chapter 1 and working a full time job.  Writing that sentence just made me want a big slug of caffeine.

The improvements to our house are wonderful, but now I see more work that should be done.  Perhaps if we just get rid of more junk…well, do that then decide what’s next.   
Today was a day of intense research, among other special events.  Tomorrow, I’m ready to write.  Attack at dawn!

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