Wednesday, January 18, 2012

trying to be civil

I’ve started another 8-week session with my chairman today…honestly hoping my proposal is submitted by the end of the month.  That’s my plan.  He asked how it was going.  It?  Oh, you mean that little thing you’re supposed to be helping me with?  GRRRRRR…ok, after much gnashing my teeth and growling, I came up with a 3-paragraph reply that asked three questions and suggested if he would review what I sent him more than a month ago and give me some form of feedback, I’d be most appreciative.

I moved into my new workspace.  I couldn’t situate things the way I wanted them because my part of the room just isn’t big enough.  Still, it’s so much nicer than before.  I took this photo and HORRORS!!!  One of my girls had just been in to nag me about something and sat in that spare chair for a bit...and look at the photo – she violated my space!  She left her brochure on my desk and her bag of popcorn on my printer!  NEVERMORE!!  Fair warning to all who live in this house!!!  I ordered a bookshelf which should be arriving by the end of the week.  Then I’ll have a place to keep books and stuff.  I’m also still considering a floor lamp – the overhead lighting is not very pleasant.  A big area rug would be divine! 

I stopped wearing the bandage over my lip this week.  It looks a bit scary, but I don’t care so much anymore.  It’s not like I was ever all that beautiful.  If I were gorgeous to begin with, I’d be upset about this new flaw.  I always had a scar on my lip anyway – now it’s just a whole lot bigger.  The doctor said it will continue to heal and improve for about 4 more weeks.  We’ll see. 

Work is nuts.  Really nuts.  I want to finish this dissertation and get out of that place - the sooner the better.

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