Friday, January 6, 2012

cast a net

I cast a net a few days ago, hoping to pull in some help.  I’ve not found help but some amazing things happened this week.  I stirred up a conversation on a listserv that like ten different safety professionals from around the GLOBE chimed in on.  I talked to two government agency researchers on the phone.  It’s kind of awesome to talk to people who know what I’m talking about!    

It’s time to demand a phone conversation with my chairman.  We’ve never spoken – it’s been two years and he’s like the Great and Powerful OZ – steam and fire behind the sheet! 

It's going to be an interesting weekend.  Tomorrow - a day of interior painting, research, and taking down and putting away Christmas decorations.

Yes, DANG IT!!  Research and not writing Chapter 3.  A major could be a deal breaker too.  I'm about to give my topic a new twist.  I fear the present path is dead end.  Oh really, AGAIN???      

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