Friday, April 1, 2011

Spider babies

Sarah created a poem just for me. She knows me better than I thought (which is rather scary).

Mommy, Mommy, works all day,
Babies, college, bills to pay.

Straining just to stay awake,
Working through her bathroom break.

No time for a little snooze,
No Facebook, TV, or booze.

Bloodshot eyes and caffeine pills,
Utilities, tuition bills.

Praying for the end to come,
Marathon and Phoenix done.

Fifty acres, creek and trees,
Apple orchard, honey bees.

Sarah, Erin, Emmy there,
Dogwoods, redbuds everywhere.

Fireflies and nighttime creep,
Play with fire, go to sleep.

Caffeine pills. I hate the taste of coffee so Diet Mountain Dew and caffeine pills keep me going when I have to work through the wee hours of the morning, and some of afternoons at work when I’ve had one of those nearly-all-nighters.

Sarah’s delinquent kitty ate her spider babies. I picked more of those today and put them in water so they can root. It’s spring and time to plant and grow stuff!!

I miss having time to mess around in my flower beds SO MUCH!! My first attempt to grow a pineapple failed miserably. Time to try Plan B. I went to Lowes and bought a pot and will stick the pineapple top directly into dirt as instructed by my pineapple-growing-expert friend, Steve. He has two little pineapples growing right now – one in his office and one at home. While I was in there, I picked up a pot to plant the spider babies in AND!!!! I bought two window boxes and lettuce seeds. Yes folks, I will be attempting to grow lettuce on the back porch, up high away from hungry deer, rabbits, turtles, raccoons, and every other sort of wildlife critter that eats our garden every year. In all my free time, maybe I can produce a few leafs of lettuce and a pineapple.

Another class starts Tuesday. This weekend, I am working on Chapter 2, the literature review. No complaining out of this mouth – at least I’m making progress. Once the class starts, I will likely have no time for dissertation work. Bummer!!!

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