Monday, April 4, 2011

blowing it off

Well now.

It’s a turkey night, springtime in Kentucky. It’s self-reported heaven here. Today was sunny, breezy, about 65F-70F. I tried to work and failed.

Jerry and I went to the driving range. He gifted me with 3 new woods this past Christmas. The driver has a head on it the size of Canada! The sweet spot is as big as Ohio. I can hit some amazing drives with it – and that is what makes golf fun. The new 3 has less loft than my old 3-wood. I really like my old 3-wood though; not so sure about the new one’s benefits. The 5-wood is going to be useful. I can’t hit it consistently yet, but I have better distance with it than my 3-iron. Someday I will be playing golf again – the way I want to. I used to be a decent golfer.

I do want to do well in my program. Why didn’t I write today? I blew it off 100 times. Much of the day was spent in more research – trying to see if Frederick Taylor had some impact on occupational safety. Wouldn’t you think his focus on efficient production might have influenced safety systems? I found nothing interesting. Not true. I stumbled across an article about whistleblowing and organizational citizenship behavior. Now that’s an interesting topic! Taylor’s impact on occupational safety?? Apparently, nobody has given that enough thought to publish about it.

 But then I planted some lettuce and a pineapple.

The girls have spring break now for the week. It means I can sleep in and stay up later. Sleep in, means…..I set the clock for 6:30 AM. It means…hmmmmmmmmm.

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