Thursday, April 7, 2011

spring in KY

IST721 started Tuesday. So far, I’ve “read” six chapters of one text. This book is all about ERP systems and business processes. It’s good stuff to know.

Work was a bit less hectic than usual today. Too many sit-in-passively meetings for me today – we do too much of that in my company. My projects are falling behind schedule because all discretionary time is getting sucked back into the Minnesota assets separation deal. It feels like beating a dead horse. There’s far too much of that in my company as well. I am more than ready to hand off but they want more handholding.

On a happier note, it was a lovely spring day here today. Violets are blooming and the maple trees have fringes of green. Springtime in Kentucky is heaven. We will have redbuds in bloom soon *slobber…love ‘em*

I knocked off work on-time today so Jerry and I could play tennis for an hour. We have fun volleying the ball. Sometimes we play games, but Jerry usually wins – what’s the point? He’s played on a league for years whereas I don’t play through the winter months (we rarely rent an indoor court) and don't play on a regular schedule. Warm weather makes me think of golf and tennis, and springtime here in heaven.

Our Chewy, sadly missed. 

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