Thursday, April 7, 2011

Demystifying the Holy Grail

I recently read about procrastination – I am procrastination personified and unparalleled, unfortunately for me.  So, now I have a much better understanding about what and why.  The probem is I still have no clear idea about how to stop. 

I finished off a text tonight and started the next, authored by Katz. The intro was easy reading, but the first section title caused me to freeze: “Demystifying high productivity.” High productivity is the secret to success in this world, and I stopped reading! Is that like Jesus himself handing me the Holy Grail and me saying, “Oh, no thank you, I’m not thirsty.”

Anyway, today was a low productivity day for me. I resolved a few minor cases, stirred up a few things, and wrote documentation the rest of the day. Tomorrow I gotta kick it in gear, get stuff closed out and accounted for.

The morning was clear and sunny. My corn plant that bloomed a while back still has a green stalk. It drips sap all the time. I have a shedding poinsettia underneath and my poor African violet catches the drips. If you look close at the photos, you can see – it looks like water. My violet is awesome!

So well, I've been making a plan to create time to work on my dissertation stuff.  Instead of a couple of whole days, I'm going to take 4 mornings off work.  Morning is my most productive time.  That'll be 5 hours of dissertation work, 4 hours of career, then course work until I collapse for the night.  That's for 4 days, then the fifth day is a holiday for me - Good Friday.  I can do dissertation-work all day...but I am going to do something fun that day I hope.  At least go to the driving range for an hour. Weekends all go for coursework.     
Well, speaking of work reminds me I better get back to it.

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