Sunday, April 10, 2011

lettuce babies

I knocked off work a bit ago. The stuff I read today – ugh. The Galliers text sucked every last ounce of enthusiasm right out of me. At least that concluded the biggest chunk of text material – 19 chapters from four text books. Now I do a bunch of journal articles. So far, everything is about strategic alliances, mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions. More man-made crap.

Anyway, today felt like summer here. Mostly sunny and mid-80s. Whoa!! I had to get out and get some of it. Jerry and I went to the driving range. This time, I left my old woods in the garage. I’m moving on to the new clubs. I’m still uncertain about that 3-wood after hitting it more today. I don’t like how it flexes – the shaft flexes differently than the old club. I will have to change my swing to suit that new club. Is that a good thing to do?? Undecided.

The lettuce I planted on the back porch is growing. Yes, I over-planted it. The seeds were fine and I couldn’t really tell where they were going. I think they’re supposed to be 1-2 inches apart…been thinning them. I hope snails don’t find them…or those damn Japanese beetles that eat everything up. How come birds won’t eat those bugs? Maybe it’s God’s way of saying obese birds are not a good idea.

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