Thursday, April 21, 2011


What is the big F’ing deal with me? I took the whole F’ing day off work to write and I have not written a single word! Jerry came home early today and cut the grass. I used that for an excuse to take a break, went outside and layed on the driveway in the sun like I was nailed to a cross, actually had fantasies that maybe he might just jump in the car and back right over me…put me out of my misery. I deserve to die today. I only HAVE to write 22 more pages to meet the minimum requirement. Maybe a really good killer hangover would get me in the mood to finish this F’ing thing.

Maybe I’m just lazy. Maybe it’s burnout. Definitely burnout is a component. Maybe it’s spring fever. It’s a perfect day today – clear, sunny, 70’s, everything in bloom – and here I am back in front of my laptop wishing this damn thing would write itself.

All right, I have two more hours to get something done on this before I switch to writing shit for my class. I have to write a response and two posts tonight…and then I’m cracking open the whisky bottle…well…maybe. Maybe that will be my motivation to finish chapter 2 – THEN crack open the whisky bottle.

Lilac - smells like heaven

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