Sunday, April 3, 2011

Road Kill

I’ve been looking at puppies tonight at

I love animals but whew…the trouble! Being tied down….which makes me laugh! Tied down? If I were a pirate, instead of a wooden peg leg, I would have a giant iron Popeye anchor for a leg.

But not today. I was a nomad today – traveled across the beautiful state of Kentucky to Louisville, then went into Southern Indiana to visit Kiko. She has a sweet little pug. I saw photos of Kiko’s pug when it was very young. It was cute, but I’m not so fond of that smashed-face look. Persian cats have it too. Anyway, I miss Chewy and having a dog around. Chewie was such a good dog. Very gentle with her family but very protective of us too. So much so, that I locked her up when I knew people were coming she didn’t know. She scared people.

Traffic in Louisville is heavy; it’s why I like living in a small town. We spend enough time getting from point A to B; I spend too much time sitting – PERIOD! The road trip going and coming home were uneventful. I saw lots of road kill – coyote, skunk, deer, fox, raccoons, possums, dogs, cats, and something I swear looked like a bobcat (in Greenup County). I also saw a flock of live turkeys off the Industrial Parkway and a small herd of deer (maybe six of them). I very nearly had a hawk hit my windshield – quite scary! I was on the Interstate and he flew across the road from the right side. I was in the left lane with a pickup truck on the right side of me. The hawk flew in front of the truck and then started across in front of me and turned upward just in time. He would have hit fairly squarely in the center of the front windshield. Emily was in the front passenger seat but she was asleep.

So 7 hours in a minivan today with two 15-year-olds girls. My little girls are growing up! 

They love scary stuff - scary movies and anything haunted.  Everytime we passed some old house, old school, or old barn, I heard "Oh!  That place is haunted."  We talked about stuff at Akiko's house and Michelle suggested I should take them to the Waverly Hills Sanitorium.  I just might do that!

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