Saturday, April 16, 2011

Selective abortion

So tonight – I broadened my horizons. A brand new HP monitor – MY new assistant – extended display!!! The gift of space... I like space. It’s serious business come Monday morning. This new monitor is a technology investment to get me where I need to be by Friday, 6:00 PM. My most serious goal is the complete draft of Chapter 2 by then. 

Today, I read some interesting stuff about rich media communication, the premises of transaction cost theory, open source ERP advantages (nobody mentions any disadvantages), and collaboration pros and cons regarding multinational alliances. Oh yes, and onshoring/offshoring/nearshoring decision factors. I noticed our big paper prompts are less-defined and the required word count is longer.

Hmmmmm….that can only mean we have more rope to hang ourselves.

I stepped out back to check on my lettuce and feel all so neglectful. It has grown and must be thinned immediately. I stood and plucked lettuce seedlings for 20 minutes. I still have WAY too many – look at these poor things.  It makes me think of selective abortion.  I indiscriminately rip them out by the roots and throw them into the yard below.  Think of Dr. Mengele, deciding who will die now and who will die later.  Man\Woman has domination over the plants and animals...mostly.   

So, Friday, I lost my patience in the afternoon and went for a quick walk around the lake behind our building.  I snapped some photos of dogwoods.  They are all in bloom now, with the lilacs and redbuds.  The hills are alive again.  I love spring time in Kentucky.

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