Sunday, September 4, 2011


So, I told myself no whiskey and no fun stuff until the proposal is submitted. Well, things fell apart last night. SOMEONE is on strike as far as dealing with the kids (life) so I stepped up and said, OK, I’ll do my fair share this weekend (yeah, I’m just that kind of mother). So, the girls had a “hot date” to meet boys at the movies last night. I dropped them off at the cinema and LIQUOR STORE became a driving force in my brain. I went on auto pilot – I stopped, walked in, and bought Makers Mark. They had no 80 proof Wild Turkey in stock…my second favorite. I usually buy turkey because it’s $10 less per bottle (there abouts). So I bought the expensive MM last night but had second thoughts and didn’t open it….

I’m a little bit ahead with my school work this week. I have a giant paper due Monday night, but Monday is a holiday and I have all day to throw it together. Tomorrow I’ll start on it, and I only have two more posts, and the dreaded reflection statement to write by Monday night. The posts are easy this week. Students had to post last week’s big paper in a public forum. We were encouraged to critique each others’ assessments for participation credit this week. Since we all wrote basically most of the same ideas, mainly we’re just exchanging BS source summaries. Today I wrote about such lovely things as balanced scorecard systems, logistics as it should be considered as a vital part of a fully-integrated supply chain system, and some blib-blab about OLAP versus qualitative research.

So, tonight I’m making up for some lost time this summer. My ugly mug is still recovering from Fluorouracil, and I’m still supposed to avoid sun until all the red is gone. It’s probably now 60% gone, and I hadn’t played any tennis since early July. The sky was completely overcast this evening, never mind the 96 degree heat and nearly 100% humidity. I woke SOMEONE up and said, “Let’s go play some tennis.” He jumped up like a 2-year-old….OK, maybe like a 5-year-old.

I am WAY out of practice. All my serves were going long. I was hitting sky balls and hitting the net top. Skill leaves quick, but it was fun. October 3rd is the last day of the last class. My golf clubs miss me. They need new grips. I should get that done NOW.

Right now, my piano misses me….and I miss Sarah. How lucky that technology allows me to hear her and see her whenever I desire….

(Karly Dawn and Sarah)

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