Friday, September 23, 2011

under the knife and paranormal activity

I dropped poor Gracie off at the vet’s this morning.  I feel so guilty!  It’s the right thing to do though – she will be spayed and never have puppies.  Maybe that means somebody who wants a puppy will go rescue one from the pound, or keep a stray that gets dumped on them rather than take a puppy we have to find a home for.  The girls are hoping it makes her less volatile.  The surgery might do that for a few days, but she is an energetic dog by nature.  No doubt she is smart and she has traits of German shepherd and lab in her, but I think she is some sort of terrier mix.  She’s not going to be a big dog and she definitely doesn’t have the disposition of either of those breeds.  The only thing big about her is her ears – I love them.  They remind me of rabbit ears.  When she runs, they lay flat and flop.    

Someone promised to take the girls to the Paranormal Convention tomorrow in Lexington, Kentucky (a little less than two hours from here). It’s a long story. He promised to take them for the whole weekend and then when they tried to hold him to the promise, he backed off and said they could do the entire 12 hour day Saturday. He tried to convince me to go – we could get a motel and I could stay there and work on my paper and he could watch TV. It was looking like I was going to have to go, but hey – we have a dog now and she’s having surgery today. I can’t go!! Someone agreed I should stay home and babysit our poor dog. I offered to pay for the motel room but he says two days is too much. The girls are excited to get autographs from the ghost adventurers who will be there.

The Paranormal Convention might be fun, at least for a few hours. Someone is not one who likes adventure or new things. This is one major difference between us. If we are still together in the future, I will probably be taking some vacations without him. I want to see Europe, and Canada, and travel all over the United States. Someone only desires to visit Disney World and Myrtle Beach (and perhaps Hawaii…again). I’m planning to take us to Phoenix next summer for my graduation. I can’t wait to visit the Grand Canyon, and maybe go rafting on the Salt River. Someone looks at me with angst when I say anything about the trip. He thinks we should get the graduation over with and jump a plane for Myrtle Beach. Our girls are almost 16 and they have seen Myrtle Beach every year of their lives. They’ve been to Disney World once, and one time (at my insistence) we went to Niagara Falls. Someone almost didn’t go with us, but changed his mind at the last minute. He even said he was surprised that it wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought it would be, but he would have had more fun in Myrtle Beach. Someone has a very closed mind.

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