Thursday, September 29, 2011

dove and hawk

Last night, I was trying to dig down into work for my class, but the girls asked me to proof their English essays.   They both have the same course and same teacher but for different class periods, thus the same assignments.  The assignment required them to take a stand for or against war and argue the position.  Emily took a pro-war position, arguing that war helps the economy, unites people with a sense of patriotism, makes a nation stronger (in that resources go for building weapons and soldiers are getting experience), and results in advances in technology.  Erin took the against-war position for obvious reasons – all the suffering and destruction they cause, and money spent to wage war could be spent on health care, improving infrastructure, etc.  One of these girls does not take constructive criticism well, but I won’t name names.  I have to be very careful with both or they get all defensive and pissy.  It’s shaky ground.        

Anyway, helping with essays was like almost two hours of my evening, and then it was getting late. I downloaded some articles to read that hopefully will be useful for one of three sections I have to write for my team. LAST PAPER!!! Crawling to the finish line.

Time for a haircut again - I’ve been putting it off, along with lots of other things. It’s what procrastinators do, and it sucks being one. We just put shit off because why waste time doing what we don’t want to do when we might just die tonight anyway or maybe the world will end. That sounds rather pessimistic, or optimistic…depending on your point of view. My point of view changes often.

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