Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I found this photo of me and my brothers. If the picture was developed shortly after it was taken (assuming the date stamp is the date it was developed), I am not quite three, Mike is not quite two, and Dick is not yet five. Hmmm. I suppose that makes us 1, 2, and 4, but we look older than that. I’m not sure where the photo was taken, perhaps in the front yard of my great grandparents house. They had a swing like that in their front yard, but the grass was not as lush as it appears to be in this photo. The yard had many giant maple trees that made the grass thin because of so much shade. Picking up sticks all year was a regular chore for us kids, and raking leaves in the fall was a major project.
I found this photo and it makes me wonder about a lot of things….not suitable blog material. They say acorns don’t fall far from the trees. I am thankful that they can and do in some cases.

Tomorrow, I have to stir up some trouble at work. It will be an interesting day, if nothing else!

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