Sunday, September 18, 2011

time for a cool change

It was time for a change! I let go of the redbuds and brought out a start-of-fall picture at the top of my blog here. The picture was taken with my crappy little cell phone. This past Friday, I took a quick walk around the lake behind the office building. It’s a wonderful place to walk and get away for a few minutes. The little lake is down over the hill on the right side.

Before you get to this point on the path, there’s a beautiful persimmon tree. I love persimmon trees. My great grandfather’s farm had a huge persimmon tree and giant black walnut across from the churchyard next door. I’ve eaten a few of them – they’re OK, not something I would seek out only if starving to death, literally. There was also a persimmon tree in the backyard of my house on Brentwood. And this one here on the grounds of my office building. I snapped this photo on Friday too. If you look closely (click to enlarge) you can see dark orange persimmons hanging from the branches.

Persimmon Tree

I need to get back to work.  Today, I researched and wrote about task and human integration in international acquisitions, and the meaning and purpose of a vision statement.  My team has already begun collaboration and deliberation to develop a 3D leadership model for planning and implementing successful strategic information system projects.  Tomorrow, there’s another giant paper to crank out. 
Speaking of change...I have new strings for my guitar.  That sounds like more fun than work :)))

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