Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Balanced Scorecard

Holiday is over and I’m still standing (well…sitting really). The paper for tonight was a bear to write. I submitted it with 120 or so words over the minimum. This paper built onto last week’s paper. I looked ahead at what next weekend has in store…immediate disappointment. MORE of this case study. This week, I had to ID and discuss immediate issues for “the company” that’s hell-bent on lightening-speed global expansion. The prompt said to do all the most critical issues…I came up with infrastructure, project management, relationship management, security, change management, and performance measurement. There were so many more I wanted to include…but how much can one global manager handle (assuming I’m the manager). EEEEEK….did I really relegate our customers to second priority?? It’s my bias to ignore external customers…I’ve never interfaced with them in any of my positions in this field.

So Gracie was pretty much a bad dog today. I’ve been writing about balanced scorecards recently…they not only facilitate assessment, but they provide a platform for improvement (in case you were wondering). If I were to create one for Gracie, it would look like this.

Our puppy is nearly 6 months old now and becoming less fearful of new things.  She barks much more than she did at first.  She will make a fine watchdog; she barks when she hears cars and people coming in.  We're also working on teaching her not to nip us when she plays.  She has sharp teeth! 
So..I best hit the hay.  My alarm goes off in 5 hours....and then it starts all over again. 

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