Friday, September 2, 2011

looking for adventure, or whatever comes my way

I’ve been searching and looking at property again.  That beautiful property on Kinniconnick is still available.  It would be ideal if only it were about 30 minutes closer to home and the entire creek bottom didn’t flood.  It’s beautiful there, but a flood plain is not the place for starting my dream orchard.  I found 167 acres in Lawrence County, Kentucky priced at less than $800 per acre.  It comes with no mineral rights which I think means a coal company could probably come in and destroy it if they wish.  It is advertised as a hunter’s paradise because it hasn’t been hunted in over 3 years and it has bear, elk, wolves, bobcats, and beaver.  Yes, it’s my dream to have a place to go get lost in the woods, but I don’t want to have to be looking over my shoulder to see if something is stalking me.   

My first husband’s father has some beautiful property in Mason County, Kentucky. Woody (first husband) loved to hunt out there…he loved to hunt anywhere. I like to hike so I’d go with him for a chance to be in the great outdoors and to watch the dog(s) work. He and I had some real adventures in the woods. Once in Rowan County we got attacked by bats..I’m not really sure their intent was to attack us, but it was a group of bats and they kept swooping down on us - close enough to feel the wind from their wings and they chased us when we ran. Woody shot at them until he ran out of shells. Another time, we had been wandering lost for over an hour, it was dusk, and we were tired, hungry, and fretting about having to spend the night in the woods. Finally, we decided to climb the tallest hill and see if we could see a road or house before it got too dark. The hill was nearly vertical so it was a stuggle to climb it. We used the trees and scrub bushes to pull ourselves up, stopping frequently to rest by leaning our backs against the trees for support. Finally at the top and with just light enough to still see, we found the road and our car right on the other side of this crazy hill. If we had just kept following the creek on around it we would have been there. Climbing down was tedious too, but at least we knew we weren’t lost.

Now it’s the start of September, the locust trees are dropping yellowish leaves reminding me fall is just around the corner. Thanks to Labor Day, we have a three-day weekend. I appreciate the extra day off since I have to write a giant dreary paper for my class. I’m tired of this stuff…burnout is back. I’ve been telling myself no drinking or fun stuff until my proposal is submitted. It’s tough love….or something like that….probably love has anything at all to do with it. There’ll be no time to work on my proposal until this damn class is over. It really sucks being me sometimes. Will 100 acres be enough space to get away from myself? Maybe 100 acres, a bottle of whiskey, and whatever other fun stuff I can find. I need a long vacation away from me.

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