Saturday, September 24, 2011

Victoria's Secret

It was not a productive day today. Beautiful outside though – one of those clear air, early fall days. I’ve written five reply posts today, and did some collaboration with my team on the leadership dimensions for our model. I wanted to write all six posts today…didn’t happen.

So now, I’m celebrating Saturday night and failure. Ok, not failure, we’ll call it performing at about 13.5 sigma (on a Six Sigma scale). That pretty much equals failure but I don’t have to use the F word. We’ll euphemistically call it significant improvement opportunity.

I found this flyer from Victoria’s Secret that came in the mail. Erin added a bit of her insightful art work to it. I love it! It’s so female! (Click photo to enlarge it)

The girls had a blast at the Paranormal Convention today, Someone was miserable all day long and came home in the most vile of moods. Part of the problem is that he got lost coming and going. Partly because they deviated from planned schedule (because of spatial deficiencies and partly because of web site misinformation). Someone ran on the treadmill for at least two full hours after he took a nap this evening. It seems excessive to me (all that running), but I let him go at it without interfering. Someone is getting too short-tempered with me these days.

The end is near. Thank you God and Jesus and Mother Mary and all The Saints that be. Tomorrow I write one post and start (perhaps finish) the final individual paper I’ll ever have to write for this program. It’s going to be a long paper, but I’ve already layed it out in my head. Most of the research is done. Maybe this one will fall together by itself. I better hope so. Tomorrow might be a rough day. Today was…disappointing.

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