Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flight of Fear

We took the girls and two pals to King’s Island yesterday – a big amusement park just north of Cincinnati. It’s not a bad drive, taking a little less than three hours to get there. The park was packed because this time of year, in addition to the rides they have themed haunted attractions to walk through. Someone and the girls love these, but I’m pretty much wiped out after 8 hours of standing in line for rides all day. By the time the haunts open, I’m tired and not in the mood to have people dressed up jump out and scare me time and again. I can appreciate the elaborateness of it all and the pains the actors go to so that they look realistic…but you go into these expecting the unexpected.

At the front gate, I snapped a few photos of the girls, and off they went never to be seen again until midnight, our intended time to leave.

Someone and I had the day to kill. We started with a smaller roller coaster because the line was relatively short (30 minute wait). Next we got in line for Flight of Fear. That was a 60 minute wait. We rode it last year and I remember it was fun. Someone didn’t remember it – I told him it was just like Space Mountain (at Disney World…which he loves). The ride has a space theme – you are launched into darkness – the signs warn you to keep your head back on the headrest during launch. Good advice. We entered the black hole and immediately went upside down which caused me to remember…oh yeah, this is nothing like Space Mountain. That’s what the girls told me last year to get me to go on it. It was fun, but I don’t like being fastened down like that….although I appreciate being fastened down securely rather than taking the risk of being flung out of the seat into the darkness. Jerry loved it and wanted to go again, but the wait when we came back around to enter was over 120 minutes.

Next, we rode FireHawk – it is out in the open, so I knew what we were in store for. It’s a roller coaster where you ride laying down on your back, moving head first. It’s another one where you are fastened tightly into your seat, and yes…it’s not so great for us claustrophobes, but security is necessary and good in this situation. You sit in a seat, buckle in, and at the very start (before take off) the seats tip back until your head is slightly past parallel. Not a good feeling. In the video, you get an accurate perspective. I was not one with my hands out – I had a death grip on the bars. It was so much fun, we waited 120+ minutes to ride it a second time.

We had an uneventful trek home. We travel a rural highway and must be wary for deer, raccoons, and possums in the road. We saw all of those but fortunately didn’t hit any. I caught a nasty cold yesterday so today I’m staying away from everyone and laying low. I didn’t do any work on my dissertation all weekend. NOT GOOD. 

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