Tuesday, October 4, 2011

permanent insanity

I worked out of town today and was offline from wake-up (6:15 AM) until now. I must be an Internet junkie. Not only that, I had my cell off almost all day. ugh…….*need oxygen*. My neuro system craves electronic stimulation…apparently.

So today I had a “training” course in the morning that I hoped would be great...it was OK, BUT…but I didn’t learn much. The guy gave a lecture on influencing organizational culture. He didn’ t tell me anything I didn’t already know, and I thought his conceptualizations of culture and climate were conflicting and even confusing.  He was an awesome entertainer though. He took a potentially boring topic and made it interesting….and gave me some brilliant ideas! That makes it worth it to me personally. He was also quite nice to look at. He had curly dark hair *giggle*

Oh dear God…I’ve been hitting the whiskey tonight. I’m about to make a dreadful confession and post it for the world. *breathe* I’m going to volunteer for a project team in the morning. Actually, I want to unite some project coalitions. It’s going to be exciting!! The meeting this afternoon was fascinating, a strategy meeting. It’s a risky project, but potentially monumental. I’m insane!

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