Friday, October 7, 2011

Outer Limits

I have a little photo album with old black and white pictures in it.  I’ve been scanning them because some look to be fading.  When I left home, I took a handful of photos that I didn’t think anyone would miss.  They had shoeboxes of photos, but I don't know what happened to them.  

dad & me, 1963

I found this one of my dad and me; it was probably taken by my grandfather.  It was developed in March of ’63 according to the date on the back.  I would have been 5.  Obviously we had already moved to Portsmouth because this photo is taken in Mound Park.  It looks like he is putting a balsa wood airplane together.  On one corner of the park, there was a little store that sold ice cream, pop, candy, airplanes, and kites.  Sometimes my brothers and I would scour the alleys picking up empty bottles.  We’d pick up a couple of grocery sacks of them and take them into the store for the refunds.  On a good day, we’d have enough for a plane and pack of baseball cards.  Actually, my brothers liked baseball cards.  I liked Outer Limits cards.  Same idea, but the cards had monsters on them from the Outer Limits TV series.  I loved having them, but they gave me nightmares! 
Outer Limits cards

Dad used to drive down and visit us every few months when we were young.  We had fun when he visited.  We did stuff with him my grandmother would have never let us do…like ride our bikes in the street, take a drag off his cigarette, and play with his lighter (I was especially fond of anything fire related).  He drove a Mustang for a while and I remember him taking us for a ride in it.  He drove very fast…so fast it scared me. He laughed at us for being afraid and told us we were worry-warts like our grandmother.  I really don’t remember much about him other than that.  My grandmother always said my older brother was just like him.   


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