Friday, October 14, 2011

morning morosity

Time is a face on the water – Stephen King (still my favorite author).

What is the meaning of time? Conceptually, it’s a form of measurement. Personally, it has always been an enemy and a source of frustration. It always seems to pass too fast or too slow, and there’s no way to control it. I’ve spent a lifetime watching a calendar and clock, planning and waiting impatiently.

Control is always temporary and illusive – it’s an imposter! Trying to get control of things is frustrating. Do any of us have real control of anything in our lives? All we really have is here and now, and if we’re lucky, we can have hope for the future. If I lived alone on this planet, would time and control be less important? If we had no means to measure time, would it be less important?

We were rushing out the door this morning – the girls and me off to school and work. I stepped out on the porch and the moon grabbed my attention – I set my crap down, pulled out my shitty phone camera and snapped this photo. It just doesn’t do it justice – the silver white moon seemed huge peeking through the yellow gold leaves of the tulip tree. I asked the girls if they saw the moon – none of them noticed it at all. How did they miss it?

I’ve spent over four hours on the phone with HP the past two evenings – my PC is having power issues…not good.  The only way the damn thing will boot after it’s cold is to remove the battery and plug it into AC.   Last night, they had me run 40 minutes of diagnostics and determined the machine has no hardware/mechanical/integrity errors.  OK, so what’s the next step?  They say if the problem persists, we’ll reimage the hard drive and restore factory settings.  Lovely….another 4-6 hours lost productivity.   Not only that, being a disorganized person, I’ll have to go on a scavenger hunt to find all my install DVDs for all the software I’ve loaded.  I’m not a happy HP customer these days - they are wasting TOO much of my time.  I believe my laptop does have a hardware/mechanical/integrity error when it’s cold.  I hate when shit doesn’t work like it’s supposed to!     

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