Monday, October 17, 2011

tragedy in China

Have you read the story about the little girl in China who was hit by a car and people just ignored her until she was run over again? Unbelievable!! I feel sick when I accidentally squash a squirrel or hit a bird…..I can’t imagine striking a child and driving away. What is this world coming to? Does something like this happen in China because they have so many people that a single life has no meaning?

I found this picture of me – if it was taken in August of ’62, I am not yet five years old. My hair has no natural curl at all, so apparently this was taken after my mother visited. My mother insisted on perming my hair when she visited. She came about once or twice a year…it got to the point where I stayed under the bed when she came and refused to come out. I hated perms! I’m sitting on the picket fence in front of my great grandparents’ house in St. Paul, Kentucky. My feet are against one of the many, very large maple trees in the front yard. We used to put pennies on the railroad tracks and let the trains run over them and flatten them.

I spent a lot of time under beds when I was growing up.  I was a climber  – climbed like a monkey before ever trying to walk and I wouldn’t stay in my baby bed.  I was not quite a year old when my baby brother came along.  They gave him the baby bed and put me to sleep in bed with my older brother (18 months older than me).  Apparently I didn’t like sleeping with him either and they found me just about every morning under the bed (my grandfather told me this story).  It was my favorite place to play as well, until I was too old for playing.  When under a bed, nobody can sneak up on you…and sometimes nobody knows you’re there.      

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