Monday, October 3, 2011


I am officially done!!! DONE!!! The last assignments and team paper for the last class are submitted. Now, just the dissertation. I’m taking a few days off and then it’s do or die. With the last couple of classes I learned a different method that makes me a more efficient writer. Why did it take three years to figure it out?? No matter, I need to see what’s been published in the past six months that’s relevant. Also, there’s some new motivation in the news lately – several severe industrial accidents at a steel mill and a chemical plant in our area.

My girls went to their high school homecoming dance last Saturday night. Such a big deal for them! They both said they had a good time and I’m happy for them. They got to pretend to be princesses again (only it’s a lot more expensive at 15 than when they were five).
Before the dance

It’s hard to get excited over school dances.  I couldn’t buy a date back then, so school dances served only to remind me about what a loser I was.  I was so homely and geeky, no people skills at all…nothing going for me.  So, oh well, there was never any danger of me turning up with teenage pregnancy or STDs. Nowadays, every dance is like a prom.  Fancy clothes, flowers, dinner before, entertainment after, etc.  Girls get their hair, makeup, and nails professionally done.  Some even go to the tanning bed.  Ridiculous!!  Too much money and focus on appearances for one night.  It's cost prohibitive for kids whose families don't have that kind of money to throw away.   


Sarah Wood said...

HOORAY FOR MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KYLady said...

Thank you for being my cheerleader!!! I'm ready to get it done!