Saturday, October 1, 2011


The witching hour approaches. Tomorrow is the homecoming dance at our high school. PLANS….of course the girls have BIG plans. I have been focused on my laptop this afternoon and evening. The girl voices jibber-jabbered in one ear / out the other. The tone was BIG PLANS. A house-full of kids coming over after the dance. We are so close to the high school…we’re convenient. That’s good and bad! Someone has agreed to do the bulk of the running (to the mall, hair salon, tennis, grocery store, etc. ad nauseum tomorrow). What a trooper!

So we had an interesting Discussion Question #2 due tonight. I was supposed to pose a discussion topic to the class. My question is what are the legal and ethical implications of capturing and using data collected on minors without parental consent? Business is become more invasive with their marketing tactics – RFIDs, contextual awareness, and pervasive computing. It’s very interesting to imagine all the ways our privacy could be invaded.

Winding down from this class…not yet. I submitted my most significant part of the team paper today (thanks to ½ vacation day from work). It was about my IT leadership model – dimensions were communication, relationship management, and authority. I proposed and supported it. Thanks very much, Mr. Team Lead. I was damn grateful you offered to take charge! I mean that most sincerely!!!

Work! I have opportunity in my hands. It’s good!!!

Photo – souvenirs from last Thursday’s walk around the lake. Signs of fall. My coworker and I escape some afternoons….a brisk 15 minute walk around the lake. A breath of sanity!

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