Wednesday, October 5, 2011

reality check

I went into work this morning, all inspired to volunteer for a crazy project doomed for failure. Why? I can make the difference. I like the project leader and I hate to see him fail so miserably. I docked my laptop, plopped down into my chair and all enthusiasm left when I saw how many emails were waiting. How can I volunteer for more when I can’t begin to juggle all I have now? STUPID!

My boss sent me an urgent notice to schedule a meeting with him today. Ok then – our calendars showed the only overlapping free time was noon and I wanted to take Gracie to get her stitches out today (she was spayed 10 days ago), and I know my boss likes to work out at lunch every day. I rescheduled two meetings to fit us together this afternoon. I called him expecting something Important and all he asked me about was something I’ve been telling him about in the past 6 project status updates and two prior monthly progress letters I’ve sent him (not to mention I invited him to the demo a few weeks ago and providing him a summary of meetings about this thing he asked me about). Why do I have to waste my time writing all this crap for him when obviously he doesn’t read it. Retirement is looking better every day.

So here’s another photo I found of my brothers and me. It’s kind of neat to see that ice creams bars were nine cents back in those days. I haven’t bought one forever….have no idea what they cost now. Probably they are smaller, and cost at least 90 cents. I might go visit my brother this weekend…I haven’t seen him in a while. We talked on the phone last week; nothing has changed...other than he is sicker and more desperate.

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