Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mother Nature has a sense of humor

I was hard at work revamping Chapter One this weekend when Someone came in from outside and insisted I had to go check out the pile of sawdust where we had a tree cut down a year ago or so. Why? I know him all so well after all these years. I knew it had to be something naughty by the look on his face. I picked up my camera and stepped out back to find these growing. Yes of course. The big question in my mind is whether I’m married to Beavis or Butthead – who is more mature? It doesn’t matter, either are more mature than Someone. He just cackled at these toadstools…and I admit they made me smile because he got such a big kick out of them. Mother Nature has a sense of humor sometimes.
Interesting Toadstools

Chapter One is coming along. I’m pleased to report it could be possible that I’ve reached saturation regarding the literature. That means there’s nothing else in the library to include….it’s an expression one of my professors used a while ago. I was looking for further evidence on four points tonight and there was nothing new to include. How about that!

My goal is to submit a draft of Chapter One to my chairman Monday night. The challenge will be to do this while spending all day Saturday at King’s Island. We promised the girls all year we’d take them to FearFest. We did this last year (I had a blog post about it here). The entire family knows I will not be getting back on the Diamond Back this year. Someone will have to ride solo or find some other idiot to ride with him. I’m not into that huge vertical drop again. After the first drop, it wasn’t bad, but it’s not like you can skip the beginning. I hope the weather is perfect.

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