Monday, May 7, 2012

afternoon grumbling

So, my proposal was IRB deferred.  I have been assured that this is better than rejection, but basically, it’s the same thing.  I must make “minor” corrections to the application and resubmit.  OK, however, based on the comments, one in particular, it’s nothing like a minor change.  They want me to totally create a new process for informed consent.  Actually, change a one-step process to a three-step process to collect data.  They want me to add two points of failure to the process.  Who wants to visit two links and give their email address and donate 20 minutes of their time to a stranger?  Not many people will be willing to do that.  Not only that, a change this extensive will involve a significant rewrite of Chapter 3.   

I hope I’m wrong about my interpretation but I’m waiting for Dr. Chairman to ask the Great and Powerful IRB for clarification, since I am not permitted to desecrate their imminence with the unworthiness of my inquiries directly.   I’ve been a bit sick with a nasty head cold all weekend and not feeling so much like my usual jovial self.  Stewing over this new batch of issues and having Dr. Chairman ignore my emails and text message all weekend has put me in a dark mood. 

Someone nagged me all weekend to go to the doctor for this cold, but I’m not on my death bed and that’s the prerequisite for me to do something so rash.  He reminded me that I always insist he go to the doctor at the slightest sniffle, and he goes because I ask him to.  Of course I ask him to go!  I hate being around sick people.       

I thought of a gift to give "deserving people"...if it makes no sense, please don’t fret.  Tomorrow is another day and this will all be water under the bridge at some point.   

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