Tuesday, May 15, 2012

off the radar again

I’m a bit pissed off at Chairman Cockroach these days.  He’s supposed to review my F’ing application before I resubmit it.  Did he even read it the other times?  I’m not convinced.  I emailed the newest version to him Sunday evening, then texted him Sunday night to tell him it was out there waiting for him to look at.  No reply.  I texted him Monday evening.  This afternoon, I texted him again.  Still, no acknowledgement from him at all.  This evening, another text.   If he would just reply back with OK, or Go to Hell!, or F you leave me alone, anything so that I know he at least got my message, I wouldn’t be nearly so ticked off at him. 

Should I just go ahead and submit it?  Tempting!  Maybe I will.  The last time, I don’t think he even looked at it.  He just said, “I think you should submit it.”  Maybe I’ll start calling him...that might get his attention!  Months ago, I left him a voice message  but I’ve never heard his voice.  Even his voice mail greeting was not personalized.

I took two teen girls to the mall tonight.  My consumeristic daughters had no problems spending money.  Emily wanted shorts and ridiculous cheetah-print gigantic platform shoes.  I bought her the shorts – shoes absolutely no.  Nobody “needs” shoes like that, and she certainly doesn’t need any shoes right now.   

Erin is leaving for Orlando, Florida in the morning – the trip I would have chaperoned if both my daughters were going.  Unfortunately, the school decided to cut costs and only take the seniors and 10 others.  Since Erin and her partner took first place in one of their events, Erin gets to go.   Erin needed some capri pants (she won’t wear shorts), flip flops, and sweaters because even though it’s Florida, she will not be seen without a sweater on.  She’s my highly accessorized daughter...for reasons that make me rather sad but that I can’t influence otherwise...so I accept that she is this way.   

Our Gracie seems to have developed a recurring limp.  I’m not sure what that’s about but I suppose I’ll mention it to the vet if it doesn’t improve in another week or so.  It doesn’t seem to slow her down, we just notice she favors a front paw most of the time.  It’s most obvious when she’s going down steps.  She sleeps in bed with me and Someone every night now.  Someone loves that she always curls up between us.  I must admit she makes a good buffer.  Someone has not stolen my pillow even once with Gracie in between us.  Someone is a pillow hog, but I’m the world’s worst blanket hog.    

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