Monday, May 14, 2012

putting plans into motion

I submitted my updates to Dr. Chairman and begged him to review ASAP.  If he has no suggestions for improvement, I intend to launch V4.  Then, which may or may not piss him off, I texted his cell and told him my email is waiting his attention.  He is 2 hours behind me and it was early evening his time.  Oh gee, I sound a bit source-codish tonight.  *submit* *IF* *THEN* *WAITING* *TIME*     

Let me change gears.
F yeah, I’m done for now.  What evs.  The ball, not in my court at this moment.

It was Mother’s Day today.  All my children were super-sweet to me.  Even someone gave me a very sentimental card, with very pretty (and all designy-type)  fantasy flowers.  I’m his world :D  So says the card.  And, per the card, he’s OK with my mothering of our children.  Positive appraisal.    
Anyway, a picture of my immediate brood  - in honor of Mother’s Day.  I love them all, and I’m very blessed to have each one in my life.

Miss katie - a few year after she entered my life
Miss Sarah as a sassy pre-teen
Miss Erin and Miss Emily...16 years ago

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